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CCC Voice Recognition (CCC VRI)

Effective October 1, 2009 Clinical Content Consultants decided not to offer future sales of the voice recognition solution known as CCC VRI. Working closely with a new company, Clinically Speaking, CCC continues to provide ongoing consulting services for its current CQIC members as well as ongoing development of voice recognition integration into the EHR. Michael Janas is the President of Clinically Speaking, and will continue to provide support and upgrades for existing users of CCC VRI and honor all contractual obligations previously handled by CCC.

The following information is for reference only. To get the most up-to-date product and pricing information or to request a formal price quote, visit the Clinically Speaking website.



What are the system requirements?

  • Windows XP or 2000
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM for local Centricity installation (1GB for Citrix or Terminal Server)
  • Minimum Pentium IV, 1 GHz or comparable (Recommended 2.4 GHz)
  • 6 GB Free Hard Drive Disk Space
  • 16 Bit Soundcard

What is the basis for these recommendations?
Voice recognition is a large consumer of system resources. In order to maintain acceptable performance and allow other applications to run simultaneously, sufficient system resources are ESSENTIAL. PERFORMANCE IS DEPENDANT UPON A COMBINATION OF PROCESSOR SPEED AND MEMORY. Minimum processor speed and minimum memory will provide the minimum acceptable performance. Increasing resources in either area (processor speed or RAM) toward recommended specifications will improve performance. CCC VRI utilizes virtual memory to assist in the processing, and 6 to 10 GB of free hard drive space provides the best performance.

Is a special microphone required?
CCC recommends one of two voice recognition microphones. One is a handheld device which also functions as a trackball and mouse. The other is a headset option for hands-free operation. Microphones can be purchased from Clinically Speaking or directly from the manufacturer.

Does CCC VRI work in the Citrix or terminal server environment?
CCC VRI must run on a local client installation. With that being said, if CCC VRI can be loaded on a local client it will function within an EMR through a Citrix or terminal server connection. The voice recognition is treated as another input device (like the keyboard). Dragon 10 Medical has the option to install directly on the Citrix server and function as a published application. This does require more RAM allocation per user and should be discussed with IT before making your decision.

Is this Dragon Medical?
CCC VRI works with Dragon 10 Medical. A full license of Dragon 10 Medical is included with each CCC VRI license. You do not need to purchase Dragon separately. If you already own a Dragon NaturallySpeaking license, the price of CCC VRI is reduced due to the removal of the Dragon licensing requirement.

How is CCC VRI different from Dragon alone or other EMR voice recognition products?
CCC VRI has a streamlined and targeted training process which maximizes the functionality to the end user for use in the EMR. CCC VRI is integrated with the CCC forms and the internal functions. This automates many tasks which would ordinarily require multiple button clicks and/or keystrokes.

CCC VRI identifies the repetitious button click EMR tasks and automates them through voice activation. A process or task that requires multiple mouse clicks can now be done with a single voice command.

CCC VRI is integrated with the CCC multi-factorial functions. With a multi-factorial function, one MEL function can complete multiple tasks inside Centricity. This capability can be embedded within voice commands to allow a single voice command to order a medication, place an order (or orders), and document a procedure.

CCC VRI utilizes the Voice Recognition as a tool to optimize the use of the EMR rather than an alternative to the EMR. A solid understanding of the EMR allows the user to get the most out of the potential of the Voice Recognition.

CCC was the first company ...

to fully integrate Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Voice Recognition software into Centricity Physician Office EMR

CCC VRI is an enhanced system, based on Dragon 10 Medical, which integrates voice recognition with the EMR. Voice recognition can be used to minimize, and even replace, transcription.

Many of the underlying functions within the CCC forms are voice-activated....allowing many operations to be performed via a voice command. For example, the command “Add diagnosis pharyngitis ” adds a diagnosis of pharyngitis to the patient’s problem list – from anywhere within that chart update.

Specially-designed, targeted voice commands can save three to four minutes of time spent documenting the patient visit...per patient.