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EHR-Generated Patient Education Integration by CCC into Centricity EHR with Krames-Staywell Videos

With the CQIC Clinical Content Release, the updated Patient Instructions-CCC form now has the ability to generate patient-specific educational material for distribution at the point of care.

Clinical Content Consultants (CCC) has entered into a business relationship with Krames-Staywell to facilitate access to an extensive library of patient education videos (see reference list below). Under the current agreement, sites may purchase access to up to seventy (70) video titles per specialty from the Krames-Staywell library of videos. Using the new Video List-TFE, each site can designate, by specialty, which seventy (70) videos they may access. These videos can then display within the Education Tab of the updated Patient Instructions-CCC form, based on patient-specific metrics. These metrics are provided by CCC as part of the Krames-Staywell subscription but can be edited using the new Patient Instruction-TFE.


The current Krames-Staywell CCC Video Integration license is $120 per provider per year.

Licensing and Site Authorization

Each site decides how many provider licenses and how many Locations of Care they want to have access to the Krames-Staywell videos. A CCC-fndef-Video-Auth.ccc file will be provided granting access to the specified number of providers and locations of care. Your site decides which user login names and locations of care will have access to the Krames-Staywell videos. You can modify the actual users and locations of care as long as you do not exceed the authorized number by using the new Video List-TFE.

The licensing subscription is for one year and can be renewed annually.

How to Subscribe

Any site interested in the Krames-Staywell patient education video subscription should complete the Krames-Staywell CCC Integration Quote Agreement which will serve as the subscription request, price quote, and licensing agreement for their site. Once completed, a signed copy should be sent to or faxed to (603)386-6586 .

Upon receipt of the completed and signed Krames-Staywell CCC Integration Quote Agreement, your site will receive a Krames-Staywell CCC Integration Kit which includes your site’s CCC-fndef-Video-Auth.ccc file.

Krames-Staywell Video Titles & CCC Integration Available

Please refer to the Krames video list provided for a complete listing, by specialty, of the Krames-Staywell patient education video titles.

As part of the Krames-Staywell CCC Integration Kit, CCC will provide an edited CCCQE-User-Edit-Videos-1.txt file for your site with all the pre-built metrics and video links by specialty. Click the link to view and download the recommended video links by specialty provided by CCC EHR-Generated Patient Education Integration from CCC by Specialty

Stage 2 Meaningful Use and Patient Centered Medical Home PCMH-2011 Certification

EHR-Generated Patient Education is a proposed requirement for Stage 2 Meaningful Use and a certification element for PCMH 2011. Using the CCC ‘best practices’ workflow of the Patient Instructions-CCC form, sites can rapidly provide, document, and track EHR-Generated Patient Education. Click the link to view a sample video workflow for Pediatric EHR-Generated Patient Education.