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  • March 2, 2010

    Collaborative Healthcare Summit
    CCC hosts a variety of educational conferences and CME programs. The next session is titled, No Time For Quality? Recognizing and Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing Clinical Quality Improvement, and will be held on November 3-5, 2010 at the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa, Rancho Mirage, California. In order to maximize the learning and networking experience, the EMR Healthcare Summit will be limited to 50 attendees so register early.

    The conference offers you many opportunities to network with your industry colleagues, to ask questions and participate in conversational sessions where you can share your ideas and solutions.

  • January 6, 2006

    GE Acquires CCCQE™ Software form Clinical Content Consultants, LLC

    On January 6, 2006, GE Healthcare completed an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) with Clinical Content Consultants, LLC (CCC) pursuant to which GE acquired CCC’s CCCQE™ software, consisting of rich multi-specialty clinical content, Computer Provider Order Entry (CPOE), and advanced Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). Since the acquisition CCCQE™ Version 8.3.5 has been released and is now available to CCCQE™ subscribers.

    With enhanced CPOE and CDSS functionality and many new text file editors, CCCQE™ Version 8.3.5 allows providers to further customize and develop clinical content and decision support modules. The new HPI Specialty-Specific and Category-Specific Review of System forms will allow any provider to rapidly document a specialty and problem specific narrative note facilitating enhanced clinical decision support and improved quality of care while facilitating compliance with various insurance requirements.

    The acquisition will allow GE to integrate the functionality of CCCQE™ into the Centricity Physician Office EMR, making it an advanced fifth generation EMR. Over the next twelve months, CCC will continue to provide support of the CCCQE™ software, eventually transitioning support over to GE as the software becomes fully integrated into Centricity Physician Office EMR. Patti Hickam, Director of Support and Implementation Services for CCC will continue to head up support of the CCCQE™ software and oversee the transition of support to GE to assure the high level of customer service during the transition period.

    CCC will continue to operate as an independent consulting company providing customized clinical content development, customized EMR implementations, workflow reengineering, specialty-specific clinical decision support applications, and voice recognition integration (VRI). GE and CCC have entered into separate Qualified Service Provider (QSP) and License agreements, which provide CCC the necessary licensing rights to continue to provide the above services. Such agreements provide GE access to future integration of CCC custom clinical content developments.

    CCC is a physician owned and operated company founded in November of 2000 by John J. Janas III, MD of Concord, NH and John R. Thompson, MD of Little Rock Arkansas. In addition to the above, CCC is currently in year one of a four year multi-specialty EMR integration and development project with the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Eventually, the sale to GE will allow CCC to focus even more time and resources on this and other development and implementation projects for users of Centricity Physician Office EMR.

    As mentioned above, CCC will continue to develop, implement, and support CCC VRI (voice recognition integration) within Centricity Physician Office EMR. Michael Janas, VP of Marketing and Development for CCC will continue to head a development and implementation team to provide Dragon 10 Medical voice recognition software with integration functionality designed exclusively for Centricity Physician Office EMR customers. Under agreements with GE and Nuance (formerly ScanSoft), CCC will continue to offer successful voice recognition integration into Centricity Physician Office EMR.

    Q: Did GE buy CCC the company. Is CCC going away? Are CCC employees going to work for GE?
    A: GE acquired only the CCCQE™ software not the entire company. CCC and its employees will continue to work closely with GE and have signed long term agreements to facilitate those efforts. CCC will continue to work with GE to provide high quality customer service during the transition period. John Janas, MD and John Thompson, MD will continue to develop customized clinical content and clinical decision support while the rest of the CCC team provides customization related consulting services for users of Centricity Physician Office EMR.